||SCAM ALERT!!! Don’t Be A Victim||

Dear Reader, I have decided to be an antiscam ambassador on business threads.

What you should know

1. There are trusted people in various business threads
2. There are thieves waiting for you to fall to their trick and do a way with your hard earned money

How to identify the trusted People

1. There are people that have a great reputation in business. Knowing them is a step to avoid being scammed. However, it’s not 100% guarantee, but it’s better than not knowing.

2. You can take the vouch of at least 5 of the trusted members in order to be able to trust an unknown fellow you wanna deal with

How to identify scam

1. A scammer don’t usually write details such as number etc about themselves in their profile
2. They usually offer mouthwatery trade e.g selling bitcoin at 400/$ when others are selling at 450 or 500 [BITCOIN]
3. Their mobile number if typed on google brings out information different from what they tell you
4. Their profile is usually new – few months, a year or 2 years old
5. They usually have little or no posts
6. They are always in a hurry during transaction.
7. They use different names and different accounts
8. Block your number immediately after you transfer money to them
9. They sometime come in the name of religion, calling themselves convenant child of God, committed muslim…blah..blah..blah
10. The greedy scammer engages in legit business for some period in order to earn your trust and burst you BIG
11. They send money from bank account different from their name. This is MITM technique beware.
12. They write on the thread false scam story so that you would let your guard down when dealing with them
13. They send customise SMS claiming a trusted member vouch for them or false bank SMS alert

How to prevent yourself

1. Trade with trusted xchanger ONLY – This is not 100% guarantee though, but it’s more advisable than blind dealing OR (TRADING)
2. Obtain as many vouch as possible before your deal OR
3. Use ESCROW incase you are trading with less trusted fellow(TRADING)
4. Research on identity of the fellow you want to do business with.

5. Make a thorough search on Google about people’s research of the business you want to venture into.

P.S. Feel free to share this thread on various business threads, where dollar is traded to guard our fellows from being ripped off their hard earned money!


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